My ever-growing Fan Page!

As of this morning, I have 230 fans at

Now, the big question… Will that translate into sales?

I have no idea.

My publisher, SBG, only publishes sales figures monthly. They have also been incredibly slow about getting it out on ebook format. I have to say that so far, the biggest benefit to having a bonafide publisher, as opposed to doing it myself, is the credibility. I really needed that sense of legitimacy that comes from having a company say, “Yes, we think you’re good enough to make it as a author!” I felt almost like a fraud self-publishing. Why would anyone want to buy my book if I had to publish it myself?

A week into hyping my book, I’ve seen a drastic difference from last time. I have so much more motivation, and a lot fewer reservations, about shouting it across the internet. And I’ve had much better response from my facebook “friends” – my confidence in my own work shows.

Will it be enough to win my competition and prove I can make it as an author? Ask me next month….


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