Reading at the Soundry!

On the advice of Area 42 Games, I contact the Soundry in Vienna. I’m now participating in their reading & Kindle party on Sept. 8th! Tickets are available through the Soundry.

I’ve contacted my publisher to see about posters & displays, and to order books for the signing. But I still have several things on my to-do list:

I need to practice my signature. I realized today that after almost 9 yrs of marriage, I don’t think I’ve ever signed my name the same way twice! But as an author, I need to have a relatively distinct & definitive signature for Kate Nevermore. This is going to be VERY difficult for me to do.

I need to pick out the passage I want to read out loud, and then practice!  I have no problems reading out loud. However, I’m used to reading out loud to small children. I’m quite sure that reading to adults should sound different than the way I read Good Night Moon!

I need to figure out the image I want to portray. Normally I’m a jeans & a nice cotton shirt sort of woman. I’m not sure if I want Kate to just be a pen name or more of an alter-ego. Regardless, how do I want to look for my book signing or the reading? Really, have no idea here.


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