My ad on Facebook

Just created a facebook ad! For the low budget price of $1.50/day. Don’t know how much play I’ll actually get for such a low amount, but this is definitely a start small situation. I’ve got them targeting vampire & scifi lovers. If anyone sees my ad popup, please let me know! And don’t click it or they’ll charge me, lol! =)

My ad says it’s “science fiction with a vampire candy coating.”  This is my elevator pitch… the one-line description that I can spout off in 5 seconds or less that might get someone’s attention. Like it?  Honestly, it makes me think of m&m’s, but that’s not a bad thing.

If the ad has worked, and you’re now reading my blog because you followed the ad’s link, please drop me a comment & let me know my $1.50 paid off! Thanks!



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2 responses to “My ad on Facebook

  1. qartvelasi

    thanks my comments!

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