About Kate

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Kate Nevermore is a fictional character who writes for fun and profit. She plans to write a sequel to Blood for the Living and two other novels.My first attempt at a novel has been a long road.. Actually writing it was a brief, intense experience. I quickly found an agent to represent me, but things ground to a halt at that point. My agent’s agency went bankrupt a few months later. I next tried self-publishing. I found someone to do the cover art, I edited the heck out of it, then I put it up for sale on Amazon. This was a lesson in humiliation, as I quickly discovered that I despise self-promotion. Several months after that, I decided to try the traditional route again. I found a new agent who recommended that I go with a modern publisher, one which was part old school, part POD. It wasn’t long before I was picked up by Strategic Book Publishing. Several months of further editing, formatting, and a revised cover, and I’m ready to try selling my book once more.


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