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How has it been TWO YEARS??

So, it’s been almost 2 years since my last post. Two years since I realized that the only thing I truly enjoyed about being a writer was the story telling. I’ve spent the last two years raising my kids, being a Girl Scout leader, and digital scrapbooking. I’ve averaged a novel a year just in scrapbook pages.  But that’s all reality. I’ve missed delving into my imagination & putting what I see in my mind into words for others to share. Carving out the time and energy needed to write another novel has proven exceedingly difficult. And impossible to justify, considering I didn’t make any $ on the first one.

Recently, friends & family convinced me to put together a book of my kids’ quotes, just for fun. It’s almost ready for publishing! I’m putting it out under G.R.D. Wheeler (my actual name), because I found that going by Kate made self-promotion REALLY difficult. But putting it together really made me miss the creative process involved in a book, even a book as simplistic and pre-done as this one. I have another project in mind, but I’m not sure that this site will be able to accommodate it. Stay tuned!


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First Chapter is Done!

Well, I finished the first chapter of the sequel to “Blood for the Living” – then I gave it a title.

Feeding the Moon, Chapter 1 is now up for download on Kindle!

The downside: I didn’t realize that the minimum I could set the price was 99 cents. The first chapter is only 3 pages. It’s just supposed to be a teaser, a quick beginning to a new, fast-paced book. 3 pages doesn’t seem worth 99 cents to me. Not sure what I’m going to do about that. I don’t have time this weekend to pound out a Ch. 2.

The upside: The first chapter went really well! I can’t wait to write the rest of the book! I have so many ideas for it.

<– Put together the temporary cover using the original background art by Theresa Zbiciak & a moon photo & lights by Katherine Gray. The photo of the couple is a heavily cut-out photo that I’d also used for the original temporary cover of “Blood for the Living.”

I plan on reading the 1st chapter at the Soundry’s Reading is Sexy Kindle party on Sept. 8th. The idea is that people can read along on their Kindles. But 99 cents still seems steep.

In other news, I finally received the header for my display case. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite change it the way they said they would. They did add the line that it’s available for ebook, but instead of replacing the text, they put it in small print next to it. *sigh* At least they added the QR as promised!

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Big News!

Lots of news!

First, my fan page now has over 350 fans, in just 3 months! Thank you to everyone who’s posted & told their friends!

Second, I won an award!  “Your book has been chosen one of the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement 
Award Winners for Summer 2011.”

I now have the option of ordering shiny gold foil award stickers to place on my books, at 100 for $20. Still debating that one, but I may just have to order a roll. I don’t need the parchment award certificate (for $20) though. Reminds me of the time I won a Who’s Who award in poetry. They kept trying to get me to buy stuff for YEARS after that. But I’m still rather proud of that poem, and I’m still quite proud of my book.

Third, my publisher has sold the distribution rights for 500 titles, including “Blood for the Living”!

“Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency is proud to announce the sale of over five hundred of our  authors’ ebooks to the major library and mobile phone suppliers in Taiwan including two public companies .  

 Strategic’s CEO, Robert Fletcher said, “we do not know of a single other publisher that has landed a deal like this for their authors.  The name of the game is global expansion.  Asia in particular is hungry for books in English.  Next, we fully expect to sell our authors’ books into China in the same style of contract”.

…Right now, the contract is just for ebooks. However, we are negotiating with a POD (print on demand) vendor in Taiwan to make them available online and in stores.

Here are a list of the companies that will be distributing the work:

Far EastOne Telecommunications Company Limited (Mobile Telecom)

Green Book Company Limited (Ebook Platform Device)

Hyweb Technology Company Limited (Library Ebook Provider – Public Company)

Koobe Technology Company Limited (Ebook Platform Device)

Nuazure Innovative Technology Company Limited (iPhone, iPad Apps)

Taiwan Mobile Company Limited (Mobile Telecom)

UDN Company Limited (Digital content services – public company)

They have no idea as yet as to how big a deal this will really turn out to be. They also don’t have any way of predicting how well a book will do over there. It’s going to be several months at least before the deal is completed, and probably close to a year before real figures are in. But hey, now I can say “Blood for the Living” is available in Taiwan!

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Behind the Times

Wow, just got an email rejection letter from a publishing house that I think my first agent submitted me to about 3 years ago! I had the pleasure of responding that I had signed with another publisher about 6 months ago. They did say my writing was “smooth & strong,” so that was nice. Wonder if I should put that on my reviews page, LOL!

In other news, I’m looking into getting T-shirts made. Seems like a good way to advertise!

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Blog Sync

I signed up for networkedblogs on facebook. Now, supposedly this will let me do just one blog post here, which will then be re-posted on my fan page, twitter & goodreads.  This is the first test. It should also let anyone who doesn’t want to leave facebook sign up for & follow my blog.

In other news, I’m seriously considering trying to set up a book signing tour for upstate NY at the end of August. Whether or I not I can afford it will depend greatly on how well sales are this month & how many books I can sell during the book signings here. So if you want to see me in NY, tell everyone you know about my book! Thanks!

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Jellyvision Talk Show

I’m going to be on a live talk show!

Ok, it’s internet only, but hey, it’s definitely a start! Come watch me at the Soundry on June 30th at 7pm or tune in online at Jellyvision! I’ll be talking about Blood for the Living & reading a passage. There will also be a book signing afterward.

Now, what part of the book should I read? I HAVE NO IDEA!

If you have a favorite section that you’d like to hear me read, please drop a comment & let me know!

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Online Forums

Online forums – there’s a forum for everything. I’ve been advised to join & post on as many as possible, to increase my visibility. bleh. I really can’t stand them. As much as I LOVE facebook, I detest forums/boards/discussion groups, or whatever else you want to call them. But I’m now a member of a whole bunch, and I’m cruising the postings for opportunities to discretely mention my book. Again, bleh. Definitely my least favorite way of advertising.

On the upside, I now have my own kindleboards author page, for the kindle lovers out there!

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