Please see Taliesin Meets the Vampires for my first UK review!

“I was surprised when I started reading this book and found that it was set in the future. I really enjoyed the freshness of the story line. The characters were interesting and well developed. Over all, this was an enjoyable read. I hope there will be more books continuing with this story because I would love to read more about the Founders, Seniors and Juniors. I would recommend this book to my friends.” – Rebecca L. Hines

“This is an ingenious twist on the classic vampire story. And given that the vampire story has been told so many times in so many ways, that’s saying something. It’s not aimed at teenagers, nor is it prurient, and will not insult your intelligence. It blends vampirism and science fiction into a suspenseful, sinister tale. The story moves at a good clip and makes a quick, fun read that leaves you wanting more. If you like stories about vampires, science fiction, miss your college days, or maybe even all three, you’ll enjoy this book.” – Mulva Shabadoo “M”

“My brother purchased this book for me over the holidays. I read it and found it to be a light read and an enjoyable book. What I enjoyed most was how the author made vampires out to be everyday humans who are ostracized because of a genetic defect. Only the daring discover the secret of vampirism by drinking blood, which is something very taboo in our society. This portrayal of vampires as weak humans was a refreshing escape from the typical fantasy offered by everyday vampire books.

The story takes place in the future where, quite frequently, an ancient vampire remembers his past and continues to hold a crush for a woman he met many centuries earlier. At the same time, he has to deal with vampire society politics in the present because he is unhappy with how the younger leaders have ruined his legacy after his retirement.

Overall, I thought the book had a lot of refreshing ideas. The author gives a human face to the vampire. If you want to read something unique, then you should definitely consider this book.” – Nathan Dee

“This one will suck you in! Fast-paced with an engrossing story. Would be a terrific commute read.” – Becca Balmes

“With vampires being very popular at the moment with the True Blood Series, Twilight, and so many other series; this book was refreshing with no teenagers in love tale and a new twist to the vampire tale. It’s all about the science in this fast pace enjoyable book. I highly recommend picking up and giving it a chance, especially with all the love lorn vampire tales.” – Lori L. Barlup

“When I first read the back cover, I admit that I was a little curious about how a futuristic vampire novel would play out. I was pleasantly surprised when Blood for the Living, by Kate Nevermore, drew me in and delighted me. This fast paced story is filled with intrigue and discovery. I enjoyed the characters and connected with them from the start. I highly recommend this book, especially if you are bored with the typical vamipre story. My only complaint is that I want to know more. I am looking forward to the next book with great anticipation. Kate Nevermore is a local Northern Virginia author, so check her out on facebook.” –

“What a fantastic storyline. Completely unique and a great read. The story flows from the future to the past so seamlessly. The writing was amazing! The characters are likable, believable and natural. I sure hope to see more from this writer. And a bonus would be to continue more stories of the Founders and the society they helped to shape. Thanks so much for the great ride Kate! ” – Leslielu

Excerpts from the Publisher’s Professional Critique:

“I like the way your story opens. I get lots of back-story and setting without it being exposition. This is very good work. You also have deftly established some of the world building and character development that are essential in speculative fiction. I found this compelling writing. In just a few minutes, I found myself several pages into the story. Well done.

Dialogue adds life and interest to fiction stories… Your dialogue looks spot on.

I really didn’t see anything wrong with your grammar. You mentioned in your bio that you have a great editor. It shows. Hang on to that editor, because having him/her is working for you.

Now as for your style, it is some of the best I’ve seen, lately. I absolutely love how you use a few choice words to describe the scene, world and action in one deft move without getting wordy or purple.

I am certain that the only reason you haven’t published so far was more due to your agent who went out of business than due to your writing. But keep at it. You have a unique and engaging style and a new take on the vampire / sci-fi story. I am a fan of sci-fi movies and while this is evocative of such films as Ultraviolet and Blade, it seems like a new spin. With the current success of the vampire genre, this book should do really well.

Thank you for sharing your manuscript with me. I enjoyed looking at this fantastic and exciting story… I look forward to seeing you on the bookstore shelves.

I wish you the best of luck.”


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  1. I am thrilled to find that Kate has already started a sequel to “Blood for the Living”. This book left me wanting more, more. The character development is superb and the story line is well played out and believable. Kate has obviously done some genetic research for this novel. I loved the names she created for the electronics, vehicles, etc of the future. I hope we’ll see a lot more of Kate’s work.

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