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Upcoming Adventures

I haven’t posted in a while, been super busy! Had inlaws visit, visited inlaws, had relatives visit, visited inlaws again, etc. August is a travel month for me.

My next book signing is August 27th at the Porter Library! I’ll be there, along with a bunch of other local VA authors, from 2-3:30. If you’re local, please come out & support the library!

On Sept 8th, I’ll be joining other authors at the Soundry for a Kindle party! If all goes according to my current plan, I’ll have the first chapter of my sequel done, edited, and up for sale on Amazon Kindle by the end of next week. Then you can download the chapter for the low price of fifty cents and read along with me at the Kindle party. At least, that’s the plan. Will I have time to get this all done? ?

In other news, I’m now actively looking for a marketing partner. My publisher takes a very hands-off stance until at least 500 books sell, and won’t publish a second book until at least 1000 sell. If I’m going to make these milestones in any reasonable amount of time, it’s going to be because I’ve gotten an enormous amount of help. If you know anyone with mad marketing skills & a strong desire to work for a share of future profits, please send them my way!


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First Chapter Spoiler

I’ve set a goal for myself.

I have a reading/Kindle party coming up on Sept. 8th at the Soundry. I’ve decided that instead of picking a different passage to read than I did on Jellyvision, I’m going to read the first chapter of the sequel. This means I have to have it done, edited, and be reasonably sure that it’s really the way I want it by September. With almost 2 months to do it, I’m not too worried it will get done.

I need to do a lot more self-promotion. This really doesn’t come naturally to me. I feel downright silly calling places on my own behalf. But I need to start booking conventions soon.

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Sequel Started!

A couple days ago I began working on the sequel to Blood for the Living. I managed to get the first page of the first chapter done in the little time I had. But it was enough to get me excited about it! I’ve decided to pick up right where I left off the first book, starting the very next day.

Meanwhile, my laptop battery is refusing to take a charge, so I won’t be able to take it to McD’s to write. *sigh* Really need to find some time at home to sit down and write the chapters I’ve already run through my mind.

In other news, Dennis Sharpe & I are having technical difficulties with our competition. My publisher doesn’t put out sales data quickly enough, and they’re always more than a month behind. I won’t know my sales figures for up to the end of June until August 11.

I am in desperate need of an intern! There’s so much I want to get done for book promotion during the day & i just can’t get to it.

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So my goal is to do at least one thing for the book every day. Today I updated my author posting on kindleboards.com. Yeah, not the most productive day so far. I’m waiting to hear back from the marketing people at my publishing company. They still owe me promo materials, as well as some much-needed marketing advice.

On the upside of things, my wonderful hubby reminded me that if I do a book tour in NY, I can write all the travel expenses off as business expenses. Yay! Of course, this is only really useful if I actually make enough money on the book that I can use the tax write-off! But still makes the trip seem more affordable and justifiable. Ultimately, I’m going to have to wait until after my first real book signing to figure out if it will be worth it.

Started looking into science fiction conventions. If I paid for a vendor table, on average I’d have to sell 80-100 books just to break even. And I’d have to be able to not only pay for the table, but also pay for the books up front. Maybe I’ll just shoot for trying to get a guest spot as a reader? Or maybe I’m looking at the wrong conventions!

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