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First Chapter Spoiler

I’ve set a goal for myself.

I have a reading/Kindle party coming up on Sept. 8th at the Soundry. I’ve decided that instead of picking a different passage to read than I did on Jellyvision, I’m going to read the first chapter of the sequel. This means I have to have it done, edited, and be reasonably sure that it’s really the way I want it by September. With almost 2 months to do it, I’m not too worried it will get done.

I need to do a lot more self-promotion. This really doesn’t come naturally to me. I feel downright silly calling places on my own behalf. But I need to start booking conventions soon.


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Jellyvision Talk Show

I’m going to be on a live talk show!

Ok, it’s internet only, but hey, it’s definitely a start! Come watch me at the Soundry on June 30th at 7pm or tune in online at Jellyvision! I’ll be talking about Blood for the Living & reading a passage. There will also be a book signing afterward.

Now, what part of the book should I read? I HAVE NO IDEA!

If you have a favorite section that you’d like to hear me read, please drop a comment & let me know!

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