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My 1st Book Signing!

Had my very 1st book signing yesterday at Prospero’s! I only sold 4 books, but what a learning experience!

I got a lot of practice talking about & pitching the book. Unfortunately, it was after the guy from 88.5 stuck a microphone with a tape recorder in my face. Asking the vampire novelist about the upcoming civil war festivities in town was probably not the best idea for a good sound byte, but there was nothing else going on that early in the afternoon.

Sadly, I can’t think that fast on my feet. Even when I’m sitting down. =)  Pretty sure that my unrehearsed babble is not going to make it on the air (I didn’t even remember to mention the NAME of my book! *sigh*), but it reinforced the need for a pre-prepared talking points.

Hubby stayed with me the whole time, so during the many lulls he asked me lots of questions. Hopefully the next time I get interviewed with no notice I won’t sound like a complete idiot! Although to be fair to myself, it could have been much worse. At least I remembered to mention my website this time.

I now have a much better idea of what to do & to expect for future signings. Going to try & get to a lot of conventions this year, I think I’d be a lot more successful in that sort of venue.

Me - Kate Nevermore - in front of Prospero's Books



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I’ve Been Reviewed From The UK!

“Blood for the Living” has another review! Please check out the blog Taliesin Meets The Vampires for my first international review!

I’m counting down the days until my first live talk show appearance – just 9 left to go!  I still have no idea what passage I want to read. I love the scene between Mathius & Alice on the roof, but it doesn’t showcase either the vampire or the scifi aspects, just the romance. I also love the scene with Xander & the juniors when the find the secret door, but it’s probably a little too out of context. If I can’t make up my mind soon, I’m going to default to the beginning, which is realistically the best place to start a story anyway.

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Jellyvision Talk Show

I’m going to be on a live talk show!

Ok, it’s internet only, but hey, it’s definitely a start! Come watch me at the Soundry on June 30th at 7pm or tune in online at Jellyvision! I’ll be talking about Blood for the Living & reading a passage. There will also be a book signing afterward.

Now, what part of the book should I read? I HAVE NO IDEA!

If you have a favorite section that you’d like to hear me read, please drop a comment & let me know!

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